Le Marche is characterized by many medieval settlements and old towns where it seems that time has stood still. From the ancient town walls of Jesi or Sirolo to the medieval fortress in Senigallia, urban life in this region has a very special charm and offers much in the way of art and culture. The centre of Le Marche is the ancient port of Ancona, formerly a meeting point for oriental and western cultures. Here there are also many buildings and monuments that are worth seeing as well as the cathedral of San Ciriaco.

For all culture lovers there are numerous cities to discover:

  • Urbino (40 minutes by car)
  • Jesi (15 minutes by car)
  • Loreto (40 minutes by car)
  • Numana (40 minutes by car)
  • Chiaravalle (5 minutes by car)
  • Ancona (20 minutes by car)


Located on a hill, the town of Loreto is the second largest pilgrimage destination in Italy after St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome and is one of the world’s most important sites of pilgrimage honouring the Virgin Mary. The town’s basilica attracts a million people every year who come to visit the Holy House and the Black Madonna. The house where Mary was born, grew up and received the annunciation – located inside the basilica – is said to have been brought to this hill in the 13th century by the merchant family Angeli (Italian for Angels).

This is at least one explanation for the legend that states that angels brought the Holy House from Nazareth to Le Marche.



From this beautiful village on the cliffs above the Adriatic Sea there is a unique view over the sea and Monte Conero. Narrow roads and the semi-ruined medieval town walls give this place a particular charm. The village is full of beautiful churches, works of art and monuments. Just off the coast the two chalk stacks, the famous Sorelle Nere, point skywards and the picturesque beach is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing.